• When - 3:30PM to 4:15PM
  • Length - 10 weeks 
  • Dates - 9/26 - 12/12 (No 11/21 or 12/5)
  • Cost - $170.00/ $55 for uniform

CASP is bringing back martial arts this year! We have been working with the Giroux Brothers Martial Arts (Steve Giroux's Bio) program located in Newtonville for many years and are excited to continue this tradition at CASP. We are delighted to be hosting a Wednesday class this year!

Martial arts has been proven to provide countless benefits to children including confidence, discipline, and leadership. Martial arts gives students powerful tools for self defense, inner strength, and a clear focus. All these things are necessary in promoting a healthy mind and body!

Registration is through the Giroux Brothers. For more information, contact Lee Guertin or Steve Giroux at 617-641-2992 or